However, we are not the same as other image distributors!

In many ways, you will see that we are different from many other photo agencies in Korea through our website.
The most important key points of our business are Contents, Sales and Clients. For Sales and Clients,
we are recognized as the successful image library in Korea on the basis of the facts below.

Firstly, ImageClick doesn't wait for the clients sitting at the office

We are sales-oriented company. Our professional sales representatives give cold & warm calls and outbound visits to
the clients regularly to secure the new clients and take care of existing clients.

Secondly, ImageClick provides the service that clients really need.

Our office hour is 9:00 ~ 19:00. Our professionals receive calls from the clients and provide them search,
comp and actual sales services at the best time they want.

And last, ImageClick has the best online policy for online image selling

Our website has totally keyword-oriented search method. Basically we understand the difficulties of clients
when they need to search the images with only "keywords". The search method that we have built to resolve
this kinds of difficulties with the fastest system response enables clients to find the very image they want easier
and faster on ImageClick website.

To supply better contents for the clients, we are always wide open for the opportunities to work
with worldwide image providers including individual photographers and studio productions.
If you are interested in representing your images in Korea, ImageClick is the right answer
because we are the best image selling company with No 1. website awareness in Korea!

ImageClick is a distributor of other image providers, but we aim high to be an image provider ultimately.
We have started to produce the local images firstly targeting Korean market, and then some of Asian markets
and Worldwide. This year we will be more focusing on the production in-house and hope our contents will
meet our future partner's expectation.