Online image sales policy

From the start of the business, ImageClick recognized that online image sales have all weak points except it frees clients
from time and place restriction of the purchase.
In fact, it is very hard for clients to search the images with only "keywords" and it causes the clients frustrated on the results.
On the basis of understanding that searching images only with keywords if very difficult subject,
we have tried to come up with better online image search method for two years.
Through the 2-year study and online sales experiences, we have completed online policies that can minimize
the weak points of the online image sales and it is recognized as one of the most successful image search
method not only in domestic but also worldwide.
We think it is the core competitiveness of ImageClick that can lead us to be ranked
No. 2 of the competitors in Korean image market in only one and half years though we still don't have enough volume
of images represented on the web

100% digitized photo stock with no slides

ImageClick started 100% digitized photo stock for the first time in Korea.
We have no slides but only 30MB to 200MB High-resolution files are available for the clients.

Energetic activities in photography communities

ImageClick always tries to be recognized as a photo agency that is in the forefront of the Korean digital
photography development.
To encourage the development of digital photography in Korea, we have put lots of efforts internally
and externally. As one of example for external activites, ImageClick has held and managed
"Korea Digital Photography Contest" on Jun of 2003. It is the biggest photography contest through
the history of Korean photography contest.
We work closely with academic circles, government organization and photographer society
for the development of digital contents in Korea.